We Are Learning is doing an outstanding entry in our ranking with these New Adventures of Sindbad, a serious game which is delighting again the learning and democratizing the serious game's use.
This educational system's revolution is that the scenario adapts itself on the player's behavior. He's living a real management adventure which is both interesting and captivating. At the end he will easily remember very importants skills for the enterprise.
With this new approach and this improved enducational engineering, We Are Learning is offering learners interesting training sessions with an important success percentage (60 à 70 %). And that's only the beginning!
Reaching educational goals and the learner's progress are perfectly managed with a personalized debriefing at each episode's end. A badges' system is consolidating this device to stake the progress during the learning and award the learner's knowledge. This is a great Serious Game which will surely increase your learners' management's results!


I had a lot of thoughts after this training session which made me progress in my management. This is really concrete and I could quickly try their advices with my team. This also gave me the motivation to go further and learn more about.
This tutorial is really easy to learn and the personalized debriefing (comments are suitable to the choices taken during the scenario) is really important for this training session, which is individualized, as more as for the video game itself.

  • * Massive Open Online Course
  • ** Serious Game : educational video game.
  • *** Small Private Online Course.